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The retirement is at 64.

The new syndical year begins on the first of March of each year

The fixed subscription fee is / 3.000.000 / LL with the possibility of installment in 6 payments of which / 500,000 / LL when submitting the application, plus the annual subscription for the syndical year in which the engineer has submitted the application / 925.000 / LL to reach / 1,425.000 / L, remaining from the membership fee of 3 million paid with annual subscription for 5 consecutive years / 500,000 / LL each year.

The payment of hospitalization fees and renewal of the insurance card for the engineer and his family starts from 01/03 until 30/04 and also with the possibility of installment payments in 4, every delay after this date may cause the loss of this service .

The annual subscription payment starts from 01 March to 30 June, with the possibility to pay in four installments, as follows: 01/03 - 30/06 - 30/09 - 31/12

Obtain a license to practice engineering / required documents are as follows:

1. Certificate issued by the Directorate General of Personal Status with a certified copy and a Lebanese statement more than ten years or a copy of the identity

2 . A summary of the judicial record is not dated for more than one month

3. A copy of the Baccalaureate Certificate II or equivalent / newly certified by the Ministry of Education No. 2 with the date of ratification /

4. Two certified photos of the chosen

5. Certification of engineering certificate with marks of all years issued by private universities in Lebanon from the Higher Education Council

6. Lebanese university certificate or testimony

7. Engineering certificate, marks and years of study issued from abroad certified by:

     - Embassy of Lebanon in the exporting country .

     - Lebanese Foreign Ministry in Beirut

8. Copy of passport and residence permit abroad for holders of certificates issued outside Lebanon (with the original)

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Order of Engineers & Architects in Tripoli - Copyright 2022
Order of Engineers & Architects in Tripoli - Copyright 2022